• With eyes wide open

    Pay attention to the world that surrounds you! There are dangerous things that can be solved with your help.

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    A picture is worth a thousand words

    Be a risponsable photographer. Record all dangerous situations that you can find.

  • Pay atention where you walk

    Make a record in the map all dangers that you find around.


UBICUO is a tool that allows you to manage all the risky situations you may find on a daily basis, whether in your city or workplace. It's simple: We only need a picture of the incident or damage, place it on a map, and send it to the person in charge of solving it. Ready, problem solved!

Who can UBICUO help?


Organizations certified in the OHSAS 18001, ISO 9000 and ISO 14001. Hygiene and Safety consultants as well as auditors.


Government or the City, Neighborhoods, Private neighborhoods, Villages, Communes.

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Public and private construction companies, Contractors, Developers, Independent professionals in the construction field.

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UBICUO Seguridad


UBICUO SAFETY is a platform developed specifically for organizations that promote and control Occupational Hygiene and Safety.

Which benefits does it have?

Safety first

Give your coworkers a mobile application to report all the risky situations they may encounter. It is the first step towards a safer workplace.

Let's do it!

For each report that your colleagues make, you can start your solution to avoid accidents.

Do not trip twice with the same stone

With the information collected we can determine which problems occur more frequently, and in that way take preventive actions so that they do not happen again.


UBICUO COMMUNITY is a platform designed exclusively for the cities of the 21st century. Imagine citizens and governments working together. It's possible! From now on, citizens can notify all the problems they find on the street with their cell phone. For their part, governments receive these situations and take the necessary actions to solve them, and it’s just a click away.

What will you be able to do?

If you are a citizen

When you see a problem on the street, use your cell phone and take a photo to notify him. The best part: it's free!

If you are part of the government

Check daily all the problems detected by the citizen and warn the corresponding people that they have something to fix.

UBICUO Comunidad
UBICUO Construcción


UBICUO CONSTRUCTION is a platform developed specifically for professionals who work in the execution of civil works. If you work in the construction field, what follows will be of your interest.

What will you be able to do?

Do not worry about inspections

Check all the problems detected by citizens daily, and warn the responsible people that they have something to fix.

OForget about paperwork

Generate a digital work book, automatically adding records of all observations made. The best of it: you can add photographs of each observation!

Bye-bye bureaucracy

From now on you can request an inspection order from your mobile.

Stay in touch

Add to all your team mates and keep them informed of all the advances.

Have more free time

If you have many works simultaneously you will have to think what to do with your spare time, since you will not need to spend so many hours managing each project. Doing it from your mobile phone is much easier!

Our Clients

These are the organizations that rely on our services, day after day.


UBICUO has many more benefits than what you’ve read, but instead of mentioning them, we encourage you to try them! Request your demo.


Phone: 351 388-6585
Diego Dean - Director – Customer Experience

Email: contacto@ubicuo.com.ar

Address: Av. Vélez Sarsfield 576, third floor. Córdoba, Argentina.

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